Why have a website?

Because I feel like it? Or feel inclined to do it?

I recently came across the concept of “giving away your gifts”. (See my review of Work Reimagined.) And I find I have the urge to give away my labor.

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What does the name mean?

Wild Things 30001My nephew Patrick suggested the name “Max” for my son – after the main character in Where the Wild Things Are. At first I thought the suggestion was funny, but then the name grew on me and that is what I named him. Life – especially with a child – is a wild rumpus. You quickly realize how little control you have over events. At first I thought I would call my site “Surviving The Wild Rumpus” – but the next step after survival could be surrender – the acceptance of your life circumstances as belonging to you. And once you get past surrendering, there is embracing – or welcoming your life situation. It’s all one big adventure.

About me


I have chosen Oakland, California as my home town. Most of my adult life I have worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I believe the internet is the best invention of my lifetime. For several years I have been working on developing/refining/naming cocktails. I have a weakness for orchids, chocolate, and one-liners.




My Life’s work:

M Selfie 4

     Yep, here he is!

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