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A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

7 kill

First, let me say that nothing about this book is brief. So far it is fascinating and energetic, with interesting characters. It is also somewhat confusing, and takes a lot of focus to read – unique voices keep shifting and some characters are speaking in Jamaican patois. I will update this review when I finish the novel.

Short reviews of books I’ve recently read:

Moonglow by Michael Chabon

Moon 2


Chabon has billed this book as a novel – when it is loosely a memoir about his grandfather & his family history. In my opinion, this is not Chabon’s best book (see 10 great books), but as always, his writing is transporting and has splendid flow.


The Girl With All the Gifts by MR Carey

GirlThis book was on my list of books to read – and I don’t remember where I got the recommendation – I got bored with dystopian literature sometime back. This novel could be classified as science fiction/dystopian future – also fits another modern genre, but it may spoil the beginning if I reveal it. Compelling, intense, creepy. It may make you think about survival and what it means to be human. I would classify this as a “summer” read.

(Apologies, Dad – I know that the use of “read” as a noun sets your teeth on edge. Since I don’t mind that usage, I looked around online to see how big a no-no it is. Interesting trivia: the site grammarphobia claims that William Makepeace Thackeray used “read” as a noun in 1838, and that Charles Darwin used it that way in 1862.)

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