Simple Summer Spritzer



Carbonated water or club soda

1 shot (1 ½ ounces) Cappelletti aperitivo

Generous lemon wedge

Put ice cubes in a glass. Fill over half way with the bubbly water or club soda. Pour in the Cappelletti, and then fill almost to the top with the bubbly. Stir gently. Squeeze the lemon over the top and drop into the glass.


IMG_3622I love this stuff! Less sweet than Aperol, less bitter than Campari, it is citrusy with hints of vanilla. (It’s also cheaper than Campari.) It may be slightly challenging to find. If you are near Oakland, California, they usually stock it at my favorite small liquor store: Alchemy Bottle Shop on Grand Avenue. I say it’s worth searching for.


Variation: for a stronger drink, substitute Prosecco (or any white sparkling wine) for the bubbly, and substitute an orange wedge for the lemon. Molto bene!

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