So named because Oakland is a melting pot of cultures. This might otherwise be called a basil jalapeño gimlet.

5-10 large basil leaves (approximately) *

¾ ounce fresh lime juice

One crosswise slice jalapeño, seeds removed **

One and a half ounces gin (NOT Tanqueray brand)

½ ounce simple syrup

Muddle the basil leaves in the lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Allow to sit for several minutes. Add the jalapeño slice and muddle slightly; then add gin and the simple syrup, shake with ice. Strain into an “up” glass. Garnish with a small basil top and a lime slice.

* Basil leaves vary in size and intensity, so use to taste.

** Use caution with the jalapeño slice, or it will overwhelm the basil. If you want your drink spicier, leave the seeds in – then strain through a fine mesh.

Alternatively, you can make this with vodka instead of gin. (Then it might be called a basil jalapeño martini.)



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