The Last One Standing


Here I have tweaked a cocktail called “The Bitter Bitch”. (Great name, huh?) But why be bitter? You can be the last one standing! Hint: to be the last one standing, only drink one of this drink.

1 oz of limoncello

1 oz botanical gin

1/4 oz of Contratto aperitif*

1/2 oz fresh satsuma mandarin juice**

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1 dash orange bitters

Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice, then strain into an “up” glass. Garnish with a slice of mandarin or lemon.

*May use any red-orange aperitif, such as Aperol

**May use fresh Murcott, or any fresh clementine, tangerine, or mandarin juice

Here are two brands of alcohol I like to use with this drink:




It may take some searching to find this aperitif, but it is very tasty – less sweet than Aperol.





Venus 01 – this regional botanical gin (made in Santa Cruz) works very well in this drink – although any mild or botanical gin will do (NOT Tanqueray).

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